Into the Amazon!

Three hours away from the closest city. Two boat rides and a car ride into the Amazon rainforest. No wifi connection. No signal on my cell phone.

My trip into the amazon was an absolute adventure!

I stayed in a beautiful wooden lodge run by a local family where I had my own private cabin with a large bed, a mosquito net, and a small bathroom.

image image   image image

It was like my own little sanctuary and my trip into the Amazon allowed me to explore and have new and exciting adventures while simultaneously allowing me to relax, breathe, and reflect on my past and future adventures.

Every day was filled with different experiences and opportunities to explore!

We went jungle-trekking and we went on canoe and boat rides into the flooded forest to explore different rivers and creeks.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageimage image image

I learned about the medicinal properties of many trees and plants in the area, I attempted and failed to climb a tree, I ate some grubs, and I hiked deep into the amazon rainforest.

We spotted many animals: different birds including toucans and woodpeckers, monkeys, frogs, grey and pink dolphins, and a variety of different insects and fish.

image image

Some of my favorite moments included interacting with different animals.

While in transit to the lodge our amazing guides spotted a sloth at the top of a tree. We then maneuvered our boat over to the tree and our youngest guide then climbed the tree, retrieved the sloth, and brought the sloth down for us to see and hold.

image image image image

I went piranha fishing!

image image image

With bits of chicken feet tied to the end of fishing line held in place by a small stick, we waited to feel the strong tug of the piranhas. Even though at times they were difficult to grab, together the four of us caught more than a dozen piranhas! The family at the lodge then prepared a delicious meal with our fresh catch that night!

On our last night we went cayman spotting!

image image image

Our brave guides searched the edges of the water with headlamps looking for the red light of the caymans’ eyes. When they spotted a cayman they would position themselves at the front of the boat, hook their feet on the edge of the boat, lay out over the open water, and then suddenly plunge their arms into the water to catch the caymans.

On our final morning I was able to hold a HUGE anaconda that measured about 4.5 metres long!

image image

Our guide took us to a local village where a man had an anaconda that had been trapped in his fishing net. Without hesitation our guide quickly reached down, grabbed the snake’s head, and then we stretched the snake out and held it for a few minutes.

With wild wildlife encounters, time swimming and relaxing in the Amazon river, delicious food with local fish and fruits, stunning sunsets on Lago do Zuma, and with the company of great people, my time in the Amazon has been a highlight of my travel year.

image image image image image image image image image

Thank you to everyone who helped to make it such a great experience!


Next stop-my final destination of my travel year-Guatemala!

One comment

  1. Ashley

    How wonderful! The Amazon!!
    Great commentary and beautiful pictures. You look great! Travel seems to agree with you. 😘


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